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Well, Here we go on a sunday

12 September 2021 is today's date and I chose it as first day of my new life.

A life for myself...

And this site will be a simulation of some deep breaths from my life.

Like the very first deep breaths that I beared with a loudy cry when I was born

There will be some metaphores and cross-references in my tellings and namings but it is no problem.

I am used the it, in fact there is no other way to create or bear life

Anyways, owner of this page may or may not exist; in the end it is just a simulation

The birds are all singing, "It's end of the world" and deep breaths are coming out

Honesty. I will be honest or at least try my best

The reality of this deep breath is a little complicated and I need more time write it

No rush, I got youth the spend

This simulation can become anything. Minds and souls of of free man has no limits and I am a free man or at least I imagine to be.

Lets see...

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